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Tracking maps are available for tropical cyclones which led Hong Kong to hoist Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals or some which once entered the region bounded by 5oN, 30oN, 105oE and 125oE.

Please use WINZIP or PKZIP to unzip the files.

Year 1996

T. Sally        

Year 1997

T. Victor T. Zita      

Year 1998

T.S. Penny T. Babs      

Year 1999

T. Leo T. Maggie T.S. (25/7) T. Sam T.S. Wendy
T. York S.T.S. Cam      

Year 2000

T.D. (18/6) T. Kai-Tak T.D. (15/7) T. Bilis S.T.S. Maria
T. Wukong T. Yagi T. Xangsane S.T.S. Bebinca  

Year 2001

S.T.S. Cimaron T. Chebi T. Durian T. Utor T.S. Trami
T. Yutu T. Toraji T.S. Usagi T.S. Fitow T. Nari
T. Lekima T. Lingling T.S. Kajiki    

Year 2002

T.S. Tapah S.T.S. Noguri T. Rammasun T.S. Nakri T.D. (18/7)
S.T.S. Kammuri S.T.S. Vongfong T. Sinlaku S.T.S. Hagupit T.S. Mekkhala

Year 2003

T. Kujira S.T.S. Linfa S.T.S. Nangka T. Soudelor S.T.S. Koni
T. Imbudo T.S. Morakot T. Krovanh T.D. Vamco T. Dujuan

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