Organization Structure

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Executive Committee

Major responsibilities: Dealing with internal affairs and organizing activities.

List of Office-bearers
Position Name
Chairperson Stanley Shiu
Executive Secretary Stanley Shiu
Executive Consultant Fat Pooh
Financial Secretary Zingkan
Financial Consultant Summer
Recreational Secretary Sunny
Marketing Secretary Alvin Lam
Academic Secretary John Yeung
General Secretary Chase-wind Boy (Roger)
Assistant Sammy

Website Support Team

Operation Details and Team Work Distribution

Weather Observation Team
- Stanley Shiu, Uncle Thunderstorm, Mr. J -

  • Self Weather Observation
  • Issuing of Tropical Cyclone Warning

Enquiry & Public Affairs Division
- Miss X, Amy -

  • Public Liaison
  • Email Reply
  • Staff Coordination
  • Secretarial Work

Web Management Division
- Stanley Shiu, Ah-Lok, Mr. J -

  • System Supervision
  • System Maintenance

Meteorology Game & Competition Division
- Ah-Lok, "Hate Cold" Ghost, Miss X -

  • Account Management
  • Competition Question Design
  • Fairness Judgement

Publication Division
- Miss X, Amy, Stanley Shiu, Uncle Thunderstorm, "Hate Cold" Ghost -

  • Learning Zone: Teaching Material Editing
  • Online Magazine:
    1. Article Examination
    2. Column Management
    3. Article Writing
  • News Announcement

Information & Design Division
- Amy, "Hate Cold" Ghost, Stanley Shiu, Ah-Lok, Mr. J -

  • News Digest: Past News Collection
  • Archives: Past Data Organization
  • Art Design
  • System Design
  • Web Programming

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