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Stanley Shiu I am a university graduate majoring in Computer Science and currently working in a famous telecommunication company in Hong Kong. I am interested in both programming and meteorology. Nevertheless, research on tropical cyclones is my favourite. This is attributed to Typhoon Ellen which brought Hong Kong a head-on hit and hurricane winds in 1983. (ICQ No.: 4240195)
Fat Pooh I am Fat Pooh, who loves Winnie the Pooh and weather. I am a CatholicˇAand I teach Use of English. I am very interested in English mythology as well as educational reforms in Hong Kong. In terms of weather, I have been interested in tropical cyclones since Ellen of 1983 and York of 1999 swept through Hong Kong with hurricane force winds. I always dream of becoming a storm chaser. Apart from tropical cyclones, air pollution and environmental conservation are new areas of my interest, as I perceive living in Hong Kong is uncomfortable under poor air quality.
Zingkan My name is Zingkan. I am a bookstore shopkeeper. I am interested in weather since I was a child. I love tropical cyclones very much. In the case of Typhoon York in in 1999, It was the first time in my life I had experienced hurricane winds. In fact, I didn't remember well about the situation for the one in 1983. I hope to learn more about weather from now onwards!
Summer I graduated in Accounting and now I am working in accounting-related field. Summer is my favorite season, not because I am called Summer, but mostly because I can experience typhoons. My initial image of typhoon came from Hal and Tess in 1985, and Waynes in 1986. These typhoons hardened in my mind to date and they ignited my interest in studying typhoon. I am greatly excited in looking into the behaviours of tropical cyclones - from its born to dealth, they undergo numerous changes, in strength, in size, in speed, in path and in appearance. Often, I treat them as human. They have names and eyes, they can turn and walk, they will sleep and die.
Sunny I am a university graduate majored in Biology and now working as a librarian. I love nature and got interested in climatology, especially typhoon and northeast monsoon, since I was young. It is because they can cause sudden great changes in weather and some of them are very wonderful and powerful processes! Besides, I like plant biology and ecology.
Alvin Lam I am a university graduate majored in Finance. Upon graduation, I with other friends established a web design company. And now I am its marketing manager. I don't know much about weather but I believe I am good at finance, marketing and management. I hope my consulting service on these areas may help the growth of the society.
John Yeung I have just finished my Form 7 studies. I am a weather enthusiast with special interest in tropical cyclones. It is wonderful to observe their varying strength and movement. I almost forget when I started this hobby but at least I know I could learn much meterological knowledge during the impressive typhoon season in 1999. I like to give briefings. Hey... they in fact refer to my tropical cyclone warnings.
Chase-wind Boy (Roger) I am a university student studying social science. Although my major study is unrelated to meteorology, meteorology is still my favourite. I usually spend more time on meteorological books than on books related to my study. For my keenness on tropical cyclones, you may call me "crazy". Whenever there is a tropical cyclone approaching Hong Kong, if safe, I would have an outdoor wind-chasing with my anemometer. In short, I love meteorology, and I also love typhoons.
Sammy I am a secondary student. I got interested in meteorology since I was a little boy. Although most of the things I learnt from school is not related with meteorology, meteorology is still my favourite. It is amazing for me to observe tropical cyclones which bring us with weather change. My knowledge of weather is not very good and I need to learn more from now onwards.
Ah-Lok I like Internet programming and I study computer studies at my secondary school. Being invited by Stanley who is my close friend, I can practise to be a programmer and work for the website.
Mr. J What does the J mean? J is the first letter of my nickname. I don't like others know who I am, so I keep secret of my name. I am a system analyst working in a government department. As I have to go to work every weekday, I have not much time to have much contribution for the site. But I provide weather observation in my district at least twice a day by using my weather instrument kit and act as an assistant in designing systems.
Uncle Thunderstorm I enjoy reading meteorological books. Please do not think I am an adult in the forties or fifties. Instead, I am still a teenager and currently a Form 6 Arts student, studying Geography in my school. The main job here is to prepare teaching materials for the Learning Zone while I am learning from the meteorological books.
"Hate Cold" Ghost I am really afraid of cold weather. And my nickname is hence got. I feel the change in weather is very challenging and exciting. I like most the sudden drop of temperature in winter. Though such a chill gives me the shivers and I have to hide in my cotton bed-clothes, it is worth to see that phenomenon.
Miss X Hey, don't ask my exact name. I would like to keep it secret. Just call me Miss X is ok. I am now studying BBA at a local university. Stanley is a friend of mine. Joining the working team, I can take up the secretarial work. The utmost advantage to me is the chance of practice.
Amy I am a secretary in a trade company. Miss X is my cousin. I was encouraged to join them by her. Sometimes when I am free, I give Amy a hand with her secretarial work. Also I would give all of them advice in management. It seems I am their great teacher.

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