Tin Shui Wai (East) Automatic Weather Station 天水圍(東)自動氣象站

Location 地點 - 北緯22.46N 東經114.01E
Height 高度 - 高於海平面 20 metres 米 above sea level
Update Frequency 更新頻率 - every 每 5 minutes 分鐘

[ BIG5 Version 大五碼版本 | Text Version 文字版本 ]

[ Past Readings 讀數記錄: 5 min 分鐘 | 1 hr 小時 | daily 每日 ]

[ Rainfall 雨量 / UVI Index 紫外線指數 (SE 東南): Summary 摘要 | 1 hr 小時 | daily 每日 ]

[ Rainfall 雨量 / UVI Index 紫外線指數 (SW 西南): Summary 摘要 | 1 hr 小時 | daily 每日 ]

Temperature / Humidity 氣溫 / 濕度 [ Calibration 測試專頁 ]

Sea Level Pressure 海平面氣壓

UV Index 紫外線指數

Southeast 東南

Southwest 西南

Rainfall 雨量

Southeast 東南

Southwest 西南

Readers should beware that readings may be erroneous due to environmental effect
from the surrounding and the location of the weather station. This weather station
should not be relied upon to accurately evaluate the weather of that place. Furthermore,
the above graphs and data are automatically generated by computer without manual
review for quality control. They are served for quick reference only.


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This weather station is powered by 本氣象站由 Oregon Scientific, RFXCOM and 及 Meteohub 共同組成.

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